July 3, 20220
Our Handstand Classes aim to give you all the tools to get you flexible and strong for your handstands. The coach will offer you a step-by-step progression, to understand the mechanics of the handstand and how to find and stay in your balance point.

Mat Pilates

July 3, 20220
MOVE’s Mat Pilates classes are a full body workout that create long, lean muscles as well as working your deeper core muscles (referred to as the powerhouse). This class is performed on a mat and achieves results by using gravity and your body’s own resistance. This beginner friendly class is ideal for multiple fitness levels....

Animal Flow

July 3, 20220
Animal Flow is a ground based, bodyweight movement class that’s fun, challenging and effective. This innovative class is a workout that emphasises multi-planar, fluid movement. It’s designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts
‘Meditation in motion’ Society is increasingly fast paced leaving many of us feeling stressed, anxious and sometimes overwhelmed. Energy Flow is a disciple just like exercise and meditation to maintain the balance of your energetic body  so you can feel the physical and mental effects. It is a mixture of conscious movement, dance, energy healing...
This Commercial Jazz class is a fantastic workout and is great if you want to work on the more technical aspects of dance. It’s a fierce, sexy, sharp yet sassy, energetic style of dance. The routine you will learn in this class is similar to what you will see in music video clips. Think Beyonce...

Urban MOVEs

July 3, 20220
Time to take off your street shoes and feel the ground beneath you in this Lyrical Hip-Hop fusion class! High vibe, connected urban dance with a contemporary twist. Tell meaningful stories through movement while getting your groove on with our signature Urban MOVEs class. Accessible for all levels.
A powerful 45min express Vinyasa Flow class. Perfect for squeezing into your busy workday! This class is suitable for all levels and is “teacher-driven”, so the style will vary depending on the instructor. Come to MOVE on your lunch break!


July 3, 20220
This Vinyasa Flow Yoga class focuses on mindfully linking the body to the breath as you flow through dynamic and creative sequencing, with less time spent in static Asanas (poses). This class is teacher driven, so each teacher will bring their own style and flair to the class as they offer clear direction and plenty...

Ballet Burn

July 3, 20220
Bringing a lyrical, ballet burn fusion class to Hong Kong! Don’t worry if you’ve never done ballet before. Warmup, stretch, prep and condition the body like a dancer in this ballet bootcamp. Expect some basic center work, a mat section, across the floor movement, ending with an easy to execute dance combination.  This open class...
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