is a British born half Chinese/British gal raised in Hong Kong. Her passion for movement began at the age of 2, during her first dance class, which led her into competitive ballet and contemporary dance. Having suffered multiple injuries at the age of 16, Madi began further studies in sports science to fulfill her desire of understanding the ‘why’ of the body. Since then her passion for health and injury prevention has taken centre stage in her career as a sports rehab trainer and movement coach. Madi specialises as an Animal Flow and mobility trainer in the pursuit of helping others achieve a holistic approach to their body, mind and health goals. 

In her free time, you will find her adventuring, hiking trails, rock climbing and soaking up plenty of sunshine!

AASPF Muay Thai Instructor

  • Primal Movement, Yoga, Injury Rehabilitation, Flexibility and Mobility, Strength for Performance