Lily is a Holistic Transformational teacher, Tantric Sacred Sexuality Therapist, and Goddess Embodiment Facilitator who believes in the power of self-healing from within. With a focus on energy medicine, meditation and conscious movement – she teaches and guides from heart-centered awareness. Lily’s journey into holistic wellness, self-healing, conscious-living, spiritual awakening and soul evolution was ignited in the midst of her finding mindful and sustainable solutions to her own personal traumas. Now she wants to help others unleash their limitless inner light so that they can live with purpose, joy and abundance and higher love. 

Lily feels most at home in raw nature, and deep in the ocean. Freediving is one of her most powerful forms of meditation. She is passionate about adventure traveling and immersing in cultures from around the world.

Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Spanish.