Primal HIIT

Primal HIIT

January 8, 20220
An insanely fun but challenging 45 minute body burner! A mix of fast and slow intervals combining high intensity exercises with functional animal movement patterns. Think frog jumps, bear crawls, crab walks, mixed with high knees, planks, burpees and pushups, you hit every single muscle group and improve coordination, agility and total body strength all...

Rocket Yoga

September 29, 20210

Commercial MOVEs

September 16, 20210
This Commercial Jazz class is a fantastic workout and is great if you want to work on the more technical aspects of dance. It’s a fierce, sexy, sharp yet sassy, energetic style of dance. The routine you will learn in this class is similar to what you will see in music video clips. Think Beyonce...
Great for beginners and improving students wanting a challenge. Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic style of physical yoga practice that follows a set sequence. With a focus on connecting the movement with the breath, the sequence starts with Sun Saluations, moves through standing postures to seated postures and to the finishing sequence (backbends and inversions)...

Urban MOVEs

April 4, 20210
Time to take off your street shoes and feel the ground beneath you in this Lyrical Hip-Hop fusion class! High vibe, connected urban dance with a contemporary twist. Tell meaningful stories through movement while getting your groove on with our signature Urban MOVEs class. Accessible for all levels.

MOVE Elev8 Flow

February 20, 20210

Chakra Healing

February 20, 20210

MOVE Power Pulse

February 20, 20210
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