Our Classes

Our Classes

At MOVE we recognise that we are three-part beings and to truly be healthy and happy we must cater to all three pillars of health: the Mental, Physical and Spiritual. We believe that physical activity to music is a direct gateway to the soul and well-being. This is why we have designed a variety of signature classes with special playlists to match, so that you can choose a class depending on your mood and feel even deeper into your practice, body and being.



This Vinyasa Flow Yoga class focuses on mindfully linking the body to the breath as you flow through dynamic and creative sequencing, with less time spent in static Asanas (poses). This class is teacher driven, so each teacher will bring their own style and flair to the class as they offer clear direction and plenty of modification options, while educating and empathising on healthy alignment and conscious movement with the breath. You may even be introduced to Pranayam (Breath Work) and meditation during this nurturing, holistic class.

MOVE In Flow

Inspired by Inside Flow which is a modern yoga class format that fits modern people in the 21st Century. It’s different from any Vinyasa or other yoga class and is the fastest growing Yoga style today. Expect to MOVE with the music and embody the energy of the song. It's a revolutionary step in Vinyasa yoga: a yoga sequence choreographed in perfect harmony with a specific song to help you experience a flow-like state of mind without any resistance.

MOVE Elev8 Flow

This class is designed to ELEVATE your flow. Put to practice all of your funky, fun challenging postures (arm balances, binds, inversions, etc.) in this high energy class. Expect a dynamic, strength focused warm up to promote fluidity in the body and prepare you for where you're going. Move through creative and intelligent sequences aimed at exploring your boundaries. Use this as a time to get playful with your practice. This class is for experienced and intermediate yogis.

MOVE Morning Flow

Start your day with a juicy morning flow - a sweet and complete moving meditation combining both dynamic movement and static poses. Explore variations of sun salutations and level 1-2 asanas (postures) in a steady and happy flow with a strong focus on healthy alignment. Accessible for all levels.

MOVE Express Flow

A powerful 45min express Vinyasa Flow class. Perfect for squeezing into your busy workday! This class is suitable for all levels and is "teacher-driven", so the style will vary depending on the instructor. Come to MOVE on your lunch break!

Mellow MOVE

As yoga practitioners it is tempting to want to push yourself to get the most out of your practice, moving quickly from one pose to the next. However, increased performance can also come from working from a place of intention and calm. Mellow, gentle and restorative, this class allows for deeper stretching and strengthening, integrating small movements and longer holds to get deeper into the postures. Students will travel through the landscape of their own bodies with mindful intentional movements and passive expressions of familiar poses, before building up to a “Vinyasa-style” flow. Practitioners can expect to quiet the mind and body during this grounding, restorative experience - a great one for the typical busy Hong Konger!

Ashtanga - Primary Series

Great for beginners and improving students wanting a challenge. Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic style of physical yoga practice that follows a set sequence. With a focus on connecting the movement with the breath, the sequence starts with Sun Saluations, moves through standing postures to seated postures and to the finishing sequence (backbends and inversions) to cool the body down and move into deep rest. Modifications will be given for all levels. Come and start the day strong!

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Awaken the senses with a Crystal Singing Bowl reclined meditation to bring every cell in the body back into balance. You’ll be transported on a sound journey with the healing sounds of 7 crystal singing bowls attuned to each chakra. The vibration of the bowls will en-train you from a beta state of awareness to a deep meditative theta state, creating a deep sense of inner calm. This class is a beautiful opportunity for relaxation, balance, healing and deep rest to reset your energy during your lunch break.

MOVE Creative Flow

A mindful, modern movement based Vinyasa Flow that invites you to feel deeper into your practice. This class is less about holding poses and more about exploring the spaces in between them, while allowing you to explore and challenge your spatial awareness on AND off your mat! You’ll intuitively listen to your body and let your creativity work from the ground up with creative sequencing, transitions, and motifs which build, repeat and allow for personal expression. Experience the fusion of new yoga styles, the dance-like Inside Flow and fluid contemporary dance movement hybrid that branches out from regular yoga poses. The class is explorative, fun and challenging all at once and welcomes all levels to come and MOVE freely within their capabilities and feelings of that day.


This class is primarily designed for beginners who are new to yoga and are wanting to develop their skills and knowledge. Learn to integrate the foundations of yoga with breathing techniques, postural alignment and plenty of visual and verbal cues. The teacher will break down poses and educate through a combination of different yoga styles. If you are new to yoga or are wanting to bring more awareness to your practice, then this class is for you.

Rocket Yoga

An introduction to Rocket Yoga! Rocket is based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. In this class we build tempo, breath and heat through a sequence with a variety of challenges, all linked by flowing transitions. The tone is up-beat and playful as we mess about with arm balances and turn upside-down. As an all-levels class, the challenges for more advanced postures are always there, but the Rocket philosophy is very much about listening to and trusting your own body. Modifications and preparatory poses are always given, so every student can decide when they’re ready to give something new a go. With a Rocket practice you’ll start to feel stronger, lighter and closer to your primal human self than ever before!

MOVE Private Yoga

Looking to truly elevate your practice, just starting out or need some extra care? Yoga is a balanced practice for the mind, body & soul. At MOVE we will custom make programs to suit your individual goals & needs. All styles of yoga available, including Pre/Postnatal and Therapeutic Yoga to support any ailment or condition, encompassing holistic yogic lifestyle & Ayurvedic advice. Sessions available in the studio, on & offline or in the comfort of your own home with ongoing support off the mat.


MOVE Fusion Fitness

One of MOVE’s signature classes, this upbeat class combines dynamic yoga inspired stretches to warm up and cool down, targets and tones the arms, core and legs by fusing together Pilates based burns, with more traditional strength and cardio fitness exercises. You can also expect some to do some HIIT and body weight, bootcamp style circuits too. This class has it all and will leave you feeling accomplished, fit and sweaty!!


High Intensity Interval Training. Your coach will have your heart rate up while you move through a variety of different movements at your own pace. Increase stamina and burn calories during this intense, but fun workout with exercises that can be both high impact and lower impact depending on where you’re at. Leave feeling strong, powerful and accomplished. ...and sweaty.

MOVE Mat Pilates

MOVE’s Mat Pilates classes are a full body workout that create long, lean muscles as well as working your deeper core muscles (referred to as the powerhouse). This class is performed on a mat and achieves results by using gravity and your body’s own resistance. This beginner friendly class is ideal for multiple fitness levels. Mat Pilates will improve your flexibility, posture, strength, alignment and balance.

Primal HIIT

An insanely fun but challenging 45 minute body burner! A mix of fast and slow intervals combining high intensity exercises with functional animal movement patterns. Think frog jumps, bear crawls, crab walks, mixed with high knees, planks, burpees and pushups, you hit every single muscle group and improve coordination, agility and total body strength all in one.


MOVE Ballet Burn

Bringing a lyrical, ballet burn fusion class to Hong Kong! Don’t worry if you’ve never done ballet before. Warmup, stretch, prep and condition the body like a dancer. Expect some basic center work and across the floor movement, ending with an easy to execute dance combination. This open class is for adults of all ages, styles, and experience. Dancing is not only an extremely fun way to exercise, but also provides a connection of the mind, body, and soul, providing us with a sense of freedom, beauty and fun. Come sweat and MOVE like a ballerina!


Dance MOVEment

A contemporary dance based movement class designed for beginners. During this expressive movement class students will work on dance fundamentals, floor work, movement exploration, space variation and improvisation. Expect a workout with a high dose of creativity!

Commercial MOVEs

This Commercial Jazz class is a fantastic workout and is great if you want to work on the more technical aspects of dance. It's a fierce, sexy, sharp yet sassy, energetic style of dance. The routine you will learn in this class is similar to what you will see in music video clips. Think Beyonce backup dancers!

Urban MOVEs

Time to take off your street shoes and feel the ground beneath you in this Lyrical Hip-Hop fusion class! High vibe, connected urban dance with a contemporary twist. Tell meaningful stories through movement while getting your groove on with our signature Urban MOVEs class. Accessible for all levels.


Animal Flow

Is a ground based, bodyweight movement class that's fun, challenging and effective. This innovative class is a workout that emphasises multi-planar, fluid movement. It’s designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts


Our Handstand classes aim to give you all the tools to get you flexible and strong for your handstands. The coach will offer you a step-by-step progression, to understand the mechanics of the handstand and how to find and stay in your balance point.

MOVE Mobility

In this class, you will learn how to address your movement dysfunctions through dynamic movement patterns that focus on instability and limited flexibility. The key focus is the optimal cues that prevent injury for different body types and build upon movement mechanics that optimize athletic performance.

MOVE Rhythm & Flow

'Meditation in motion' Society is increasingly fast paced leaving many of us feeling stressed, anxious and sometimes overwhelmed. Energy Flow is a disciple just like exercise and meditation to maintain the balance of your energetic body so you can feel the physical and mental effects. It is a mixture of conscious movement, dance, energy healing and chi gong. Flow to the rhythm of the music, increase your levels of happiness and release unwanted energy that is not serving you. Feel the vibrations, SMILE - (Start My Internal Love Engine) and most importantly have fun!