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We offer traditional styles of yoga, dance and fitness and developed our own unique signature classes which incorporate movement in many creative and exciting ways. So no matter how you feel each day, we can provide you with something that suits your mood. Through private and small group classes we nourish and nurture your body with healthy movement. 

We encourage curiosity in mind and expression through body, including barefoot training, allowing you to MOVE more freely and connect to self.

We are happy to be one of a kind in Hong Kong and welcome you to discover your own sense of freedom through movement.

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August 2022
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Our Packages

5 class pack

(259 a class) valid for 6 weeks

10 class pack

(249 a class) valid for 3 months

20 class pack

(224 a class) valid for 5 months
$4480 HKD

50 class pack

(190 a class) valid for 7 months
$9500 HKD

MOVE Day Packages

Monday - Friday 7AM-5:30PM

5 class pack

(179 a class) valid for 6 weeks

10 class pack

(169 a class) valid for 3 months

20 class pack

(159 a class) valid for 5 months

Our Classes

A meditative means of discovering dysfunctional perception and cognition, as well as overcoming it to release any suffering, find inner peace and salvation.
About Us

How we were born & why we exist

MOVE Studio was born out of pure love and a passion for movement and wellness. Founder, Paige Fitzmaurice, professional dancer turned Yogini and Holistic Health Coach, travelled the world in the professional industry, performing for some of the biggest entertainment companies on earth.

After 10 years of a successful yet demanding career, she reached a point on her last contract where her physical and mental health started to deteriorate. She burnt out, developed an autoimmune dysfunction and became a prisoner of her environment and her own mind. Movement, dance and yoga is where she found a true sense of happiness and freedom and gave her the strength to take her health and her life back. 

This was a pivotal point in her life and in 2016 at the age of 27, Paige gave up ‘contract life’ and set out on a quest for holistic health and happiness. This eventually led her back to her favourite city Hong Kong where she continues to learn, explore and find new ways to move, better her health and inspire the ones around her to do the same. 

Paige knows that everyBODY is different and that each person can find their own sense of freedom within the body and mind through many different ways of movement. This is why she decided to create a wellness and movement space in the heart of Hong Kong (home for 7 years now) and at the end of 2020 MOVE Studio was born. 

Paige’s positive and caring personality shines through to her bright, earth-loving studio. She believes that humanity needs this now, more than ever, and that the journey to true health and happiness is holistic and different for everyone.

MOVE Studio’s mission is to unify people from all walks of life and create a community-  in Hong Kong and all around the globe-  of individuals coming together through a wide and exciting variety of wellness practices that MOVE, heal and free the body and mind – so that they can all go back out into this world with more resilience, while striving to be their best selves.

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Our earth-loving studio uses eco-friendly products and materials where possible so you can feel great about contributing to the health of our planet too. Our natural wooden floor is a joy to MOVE on. We also use biodegradable, non slip yoga mats and cork yoga blocks so that you feel safe and guilt free during your practice. We use the latest technology when naturally sterilising our studio with sodium hypochlorite electrolysis generators. This way you are free from bacteria, viruses and toxic chemicals. 

Surrounded by bright, natural light and plants that help purify the air, you can escape the city to our little oasis to MOVE.


MOVE’s icon – MOVE Studio’s icon is an arrangement of the letters MOVE starting from the “O”, a circle, it’s located in the centre representing the CORE which is in Yoga, Dance and Fitness, the main element to keep balance but also to move. The “M” and “E” 0create connection and structure and the “V” is going outwards, representing expansion with an elevated point above.

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  • +852 68750732

7/F Parekh House, 63 Wyndham St
Central Hong Kong