Winner Liv Wellness Award 2022
Best After-School Activity
Winner Liv Wellness Award 2022
Best After-School Activity


*Please note: days and times can be flexible if there are enough requests.

*Also running at Hong Kong Parkview location.
The Island Glee Club
Aerial Yoga/Circus

Contact: sp*@ho**************.com directly to register.

MOVE Studio


MOVE Studio


About The Island GLEE Club

The Island Glee Club, founded by Leigh Jane Gibbs in 2013, is a singing performance school for aspiring young singers, providing an exciting opportunity to collaborate with experienced, professional singers and performers. With highly experienced professional instructors, we offer children lessons in singing and movement fused with all the performance fundamentals. Our teachers have solid classical and contemporary training to nurture, support and develop young voices.

For all abilities, children will progressively learn the fundamentals of healthy singing – breathing technique, support, vocal pitch, intonation and flexibility. Also rhythm, movement, ensemble skills and stagecraft. Classes are taught with a vibrant, youthful and passionate approach, engaging students whilst instilling a love of performing.

For children who are born performers, creative and imaginative, we provide an opportunity for them to flourish and develop their talents.
For children who are shy, we provide an opportunity to build their confidence through positive reinforcement.
For children who need motivation to pursue their talents, The Island GLEE Club is an opportunity to be inspired, focused, empowered and to find their voice.

Paige, founder of MOVE Studio, has taught for The Island Glee Club for the past 7 years and is excited to have GLEE at MOVE Studio!


Our contemporary classes are taught with a youthful, vibrant approach to keep the children engaged. We understand the uniqueness of each child’s spirit and pride ourselves on fostering individual talent and expression in an environment that is collaborative, structured, but most of all fun!


  • Rhythm/timing
  • Breathing techniques/posture
  • Pitch/Vocal placement
  • Harmonies
  • Song Writing


  • Dance/Movement
  • Technique
  • Coordination
  • Improvisation
  • Choreography
  • Ensemble skills


  • Performance fundamentals
  • Microphone Technique
  • Theatre/stage terminology
  • Performing for Camera


DATES: September 2023 – December 2023
(Contact sp*@ho**************.com directly for registration at this location)

Mini Glee


Tues 4:00pm – 5:00pm

P/Hour: $299 Fees: $4,485
The Mini GLEE class is a great introduction to all things song and dance. It is a creative dance class, taught in a fun and engaging manner to introduce the fundamentals of singing and dancing, learnt through simple choreographed exercises and play acting. We explore rhythm and movement exercises that develop locomotor and non-locomotor skills, aural exercises, which reinforce listening skills by discerning high and low, loud and soft sounds and simple vocal scales/exercises for developing intonation and relative pitch. The class finishes with expressive dance or a simple song and dance routine.

Senior Glee


Tues 5:00pm – 6:00pm

P/Hour: $299 Fees: $4,485
The Senior GLEE class is singing focused. We work more closely on breath control, rhythm and pitch, vocal tone and flexibility, introducing harmony work and solo performances. We explore different music genres – jazz, folk, musical theatre, pop music, across both disciplines. Students will be encouraged to find their own interpretations of songs and develop a creative approach to performing them.



Wed 4:00pm – 5:00pm

P/Hour: $299 Fees: $4,485
This incredibly fun class infuses Yoga, gymnastics and acrobatics all in one class! Children will learn basic Yoga poses in a fun and imaginative way while also conditioning their bodies for more basic acrobatics and gymnastics skills. This class is high energy with lots of games and techniques that make students stronger, more flexible and of course happier and healthier over all. No experience necessary, this is for all kids who love to play!



Wed 5:00pm – 6:00pm

P/Hour: $299 Fees: $4,485
Kids will learn the famous dance moves from the KPop music videos we all know and love today. Time to get movin’ and groovin’ and impress everyone while dancing along with our favourite KPop stars! Classes will be age appropriate and lots of fun!
Hip Hop forms the foundation of KPop as we know it – depending on the class and song, choreography could be girly, sassy, sexy, intricate, smooth, cheerful, elegant, upbeat – the list goes on with this style and the wide range of music!

Mini MOVErs

3-5 yrs

Fri 3:30pm – 4:15pm

P/Hour: $289 Fees: $4,335
A fun intro to movement, motor skills and creative expression. This class takes kids on a journey through music and self-awareness incorporating basic rhythms, movement patterns, coordination and balance in a fun and safe environment. They’ll learn to follow the teacher’s instructions and engage in a social setting with other children 3 – 5 year olds.

Jazz Ballet


Fri 4:15pm – 5:15pm

P/Hour: $299 Fees: $4,485

Hip Hop MOVEs


Fri 5:15pm – 6:15pm

P/Hour: $299 Fees: $4,485
Calling all funky kids, future B-boys and B-girls! Learn all the styles of Hip Hop – modern to old school, locking, popping and breaking (the acrobatics of hip-hop) – while building strength and keeping fit! With the evolution of hip hop and its many diverse styles, dancing has never been so cool and fun! Kids get ready to impress their friends with some added cool new tricks!

Family Yoga

Kids & Adults

Sat 8:15am – 9:00am

P/Hour: $399 (P/Couple) Fees: $5,985

Junior Glee

6-8 yrs

Sat 9:00am – 11:00am

P/Hour: $275 Fees: $8,250
Junior Glee sessions are split into half singing and half dancing.
Our Junior GLEE program introduces the fundamental basics of singing, learning about breath/voice connection, intonation and articulation. We work towards developing good relative pitch with piano scales and chord progressions, keeping within a young singers 1.5-2 octave range. We work on rhythm and co-ordination skills also, so the students can fuse movement with singing. We cover a broad range of styles of songs, all content and range appropriate for the respective classes.

Intermediate Glee

9-12 yrs

Sat 11:00am – 1:00pm

P/Hour: $275 Fees: $8,250
Our Intermediate GLEE builds on the foundations of healthy singing, introduced in our Junior GLEE program – the breath/voice connection, resonance and articulation, intonation and pitch.
Students are taught how to sing correctly using placement, articulation and breath control to develop good pitch and intonation. We continue to work on rhythm and timing, advancing to some body percussion and acapella work. The students will explore songs from different genres – pop, musical theatre, jazz, folk etc.
To give the students complete performance tools, we fuse the singing component with movement and co-ordination dance work, even learning to use props.
The Intermediate students are also prompted to contribute to the creative process.
“Through the creative process, we teach life skills that help build confidence and unearth talent.”


Leigh Jane Gibbs

As the Founder/Principal of The Island Glee Club, Leigh brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the entertainment industry.
Originally from Australia, she began studying ballet, tap and jazz from the age of 4. Shortly after, she was introduced to her first Musical Theatre Production.
That sparked a fire, which ignited her passion and set her on her journey.

She later honed her performing arts skills at the Johnny Young Talent School and then went on to study fulltime with the renowned Brent Street School of Performing Arts.
As a singer/dancer/actor, Leigh became an established ‘triple threat’ performer. Her versatility led her through a rewarding career in the Australian Entertainment Industry, spanning 25 years.

From stage to screen, catwalk to catalogue, her experience is vast.
For television she has featured in Home and Away as ‘Ingrid’, Baywatch Downunder, The NRL’s Footy Show, Popstars, the TV Week Logie Awards, and Good News Week with the Poptarts. She has worked for some of Australia’s most well-known artists including Kylie Minogue, INXS and Vanessa Amarossi at the 2000 Olympics, Marcia Hines and with Human Nature on their Counting Down Tour.
She has featured in a number of TVCs and walked the Catwalk for Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, Elle MacPherson and Westfield to name a few.
Musical Theatre is her passion however and has seen her enjoy success in numerous professional productions such as CHICAGO The Musical – role of Annie, (the Australasian Tour which saw her tread the boards here in Hong Kong), The BOY From OZ with Hugh Jackman; Saturday Night Fever role of Connie; David Atkins’ Hot Shoe Shuffle Lead understudy; Get Happy – The Musical role of Connie; GREASE The Musical role of Cha Cha; and as ‘Posh’ in the hugely successful Spice Power The Tribute Show.

In the course of her studies and career, Leigh has had the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s best vocal coaches, including Patricia Oertel, Musical Theatres leading classical vocal coach.
With both classical and contemporary training, she is able to guide young voices, with a sound understanding of both styles, techniques and vocal health.

Leigh has taught singing and dancing classes/workshops over the years, in both Australia and Hong Kong and continues to work in the professional industry.
She has appeared in numerous HK TV commercials and has performed, choreographed and produced entertainment for countless events here in Hong Kong.


Paige Fitzmaurice

Dance & MOVEment Teacher
Paige, Founder of MOVE Studio, is an extremely passionate and versatile Australian trained dancer.
She graduated from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and went on to get her Advanced Diploma in Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance at DLDC Brisbane.

Since then, Paige has gained invaluable experience performing on international contracts for Tokyo DisneySea, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines and at Sands/Venetian Macau as a resident performer. She is a highly sought after commercial dancer here in Hong Kong.

Along the way, Paige has shared her love of dance, teaching jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip hop and break dance in Australia and Hong Kong.
Paige’s true passion is sharing her love of dance and performance and inspiring others to follow their dreams. This resonates in her warm, fun and encouraging down to earth teaching style.

Paige has taught for The Island Glee Club since 2017 and is excited to be bringing GLEE to MOVE Studio!

Angeline Hair

Dance & Singing Teacher
Angeline was born in New Zealand and has grown up performing in dancing, acting and singing. She is an extremely passionate and versatile, trained dancer and performer. Angeline graduated from the Apollo Theatre School in 2009 gaining a diploma in musical theatre as well graduating from Auckland Technology University gaining a degree in communications.
During her time in New Zealand Angeline was working professionally in corporate dance shows, cheerleading for the Warriors, children’s productions such as ‘Cat in the Hat’, TVCS, music videos, musicals such as ‘Anything Goes’, and was even apart of the traveling international circus ‘Le Grande Cirque’. Angeline then joined a girls pop trio called ‘Laa Laa girls’ where they wrote and recorded songs as well produce their own music video.
Angeline then moved to Paris and then London where she danced for the London cheerleaders and was apart of the West End musical theatre school. She was lucky enough to tour with the band ‘Starboy’ dancing her way across Europe before landing in Hong Kong.
She has continued to work professionally in Hong Kong whether it be modelling, dancing, acting, or singing. Angeline has danced and travelled Asia for brands such as Cadillac, Parisian, Frank Muller, Victoria Secrets, Morpheus hotel, Nina Ricci and many more. As well as TVCs and short films she also played ‘Serena’ and Elle Woods swing for ‘Legally Blonde the Musical’.
Angeline is passionate about passing her experience and love for the performing arts onto the younger generations.

Jessica Zuch

Singing Teacher
Jessica Zuch is a diverse musician who has worked both as a professional musician in commercial music as wellas an artist and composer with her jazz trio and as a soloist. She is currently focussed on her career as a music educator both in post – secondary institutions and privately. She has a passion to inspire musicians to expand their knowledge of music to include jazz theory and improvisation and its many creative applications in today’s commercial music sector. Additionally, Jessica has also earned a masters in counselling and psychology at Monash University to compliment her skills as a teacher. She is currently applying and blending the skills as a musician, music teacher and counselling to help her students reach new goals, over come challenges and learn according to their personality backgrounds. In addition, Jessica is helping individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, family matters, business pressures and the like by combining music and counselling for therapy.

Melissa Sorohan

Singing Teacher


Life & Health Coach
Katrin was born & raised in Germany. In 2014 she moved to California where she found her love for fitness. And after a short stopover back in Germany she moved to Hong Kong in the summer of 2022.
She always had a passion for helping and empowering others and believes in an holistic approach of health and well being – Body, Mind, Soul.
She holds a master’s degree in psychology, is a certified Life & Health Coach, and AFAA certified Fitness Instructor with certifications in Mat Pilates, Pop Pilates, GloBarre, Barre Above, Sunrise Yoga, PlYoga.
Katrin is a mom of 4 and loves spending time with her family, being out in nature, and travelling the world.
Languages: English, German